Thank You to Kuei Shan Lower School of Taipei!

We are deeply moved by the kindness and generosity of the Kuei Shan Lower School community of Taipei, Taiwan. We send back to each of you our love and gratitude!

From Elizabeth Hu, Elementary Head and PYP coordinator Taipei Kuei Shan School

Kuei Shan TaipeiI am Beth representing a school in Taipei named Kuei Shan. Our school knows one of your teachers, Ms. Emma Berno, as she came to serve as one of our counselors in last summer’s Vacation Bible School.

After we saw Emma’s post on Facebook calling out for support in restoring St. Thomas’ Episcopal School and in providing relief to families affected, our school took immediate action and organized a fundraising drive for this cause. As Emma has shared her time, knowledge, love, and care with our students at Kuei Shan, we found this as a good opportunity for students to express their appreciation to her, and of course, to practice global citizenship and awareness of global issues.

Please be informed that an amount of USD3,206.63 was wired to the STE Church and School Flood Relief Fund. The money came from the whole Kuei Shan Lower School community — some from students’ own savings or allowances; others were generated from making a commitment as a family to have less of something (like canceling dinner out for the weekend, or postpone plans to buy new clothes or shoes…). As our school aims to instill global citizenship in our students, we took this opportunity for them to learn that they can make a difference even by just doing a small act of kindness.

“It’s the small commitment that creates a big impact.”

We do keep praying that your school stands strong amidst the devastation, and it is our hope that our donation can help you restore your school as well as help affected students and their families recover.

We’re continually praying for you!

By the way, just sharing with you the video we put together of our students’ messages to Teacher Emma and to everyone affected in Texas.

Video from the students of Kuei Shan School


Elizabeth Hu
Elementary Head
and PYP coordinator
Taipei Kuei Shan School
200 Mingde Road
Beitou District 11280
Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.

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